GMI’s accomplished team of executive management, estimators, and project managers understand how to budget for projects with owners, developers, architects, construction managers and general contractors. Our team can assimilate scope and how cost is utilized to balance the design and expectation. We follow a structured thought process with 5 key phases, analyzing, collaboration, calculating, developing, and presenting solutions.

There are many considerations taken when budgeting for a project. We look at the design, scope of work, project timelines and skilled man power available based on the needs of an opportunity. In some cases, budgeting and value engineering go hand in hand. Throughout a projects planning, design, and construction, V.E.’s is used to reduce cost without compromising the integrity of design and maintainability of products and materials being proposed. If this process is required for a project we are involved with we will again use a systematic method to look at a project holistically to give alternative ways of meeting project requirements. The way in which we pursue this avenue is by gathering information, analyzing the project, evaluating our options, and develop and expand our ideas to have the ability to present the best building solution while reducing cost but sustaining the value add.